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The Songwriters’ Collective ‘12th’ and final offering/theme of 2017 is ‘Happy’. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received.

1. Christian Duffin
You Lifted Me
This is a song about the power of friendship, and is  a tribute to people who help us during times when we'd be in real trouble without them. It's acoustic guitar and piano, with a bit of organ on the solo. Happy Christmas everyone -I've really enjoyed being part of the group again this year.
1 Christian D You Lifted Me

2. Stephen Clarke
The Sun is Strong
I've got a little model of Napoleon standing on a table at home. If the sun shines on his hat, he starts to slide his arm in and out of his waistcoat in a politically incorrect manner. The other day I was sitting reading when suddenly he started doing his thing, and I realized that the winter sun was so low that it was shining deep into the living room and had hit his solar cell. Hence this celebratory song.
It's my wintery answer to Mungo Jerry's In the Summertime, or The Pushbike Song, but more countrified. The usual suspects (because there are no others): acoustic guitar, bass, then a bit of Tele, with some bass drum and a shaker. 

2 StephenC TheSunIsStrong RaMix

3. Tim and Glyn
I Love You, Shelley
A couple of years ago there was a major fire in the middle of Sudbury. Most of the (listed) buildings were re-built but there is a hole in the middle of the terrace of shops, which is protected by a plain white hoarding. A few months ago, the words "I Love You Shelley" appeared in 6 foot high lettering.  This happy song was inspired by those words!
3 TimnGlyn I Love You Shelley MP3

4. Tim and Julie
Non-Specific Adversity
This idea came from an interview I remember with Johnny Marr a few years ago. He was talking about his frustration with some popular bands and the subjects they sing about, always overcoming some ‘adversity’ without ever telling us what the adversity was. He wanted songs about someone struggling to pay that month’s rent or avoid trouble on a night out. He was obviously talking about 'Take That’ and ‘Coldplay’ without mentioning them by name.

With that in mind, this song is about a band that met at university and wanted to play music but had no meaningful hardships or problems to write about. They were just good at playing but with nothing much to say (not unlike me, except for the university bit). I tried to write it as a ska song but couldn’t get it to sound very happy so, I’ve reverted to the comfortable ground of a two-guitar rock band (I went to see Alice Cooper last month and still haven’t got over it).

I was  bit croaky on the latter verses and I really should of cut more off the end but, hey!

4 TimW non-specific adversity

5. Phil Sanderson
Fallen in Love Again
A touch of modern day romance -  Musically it's just drums, bass and  2 acoustic guitars .... and more than a few vocal parts!  
5 PhilS fallen in love again v2