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The Songwriters’ Collective ‘11th’ offering/theme of 2017 is ‘Conspiracy’. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received.

1. Tim & Julie
Nothing Is As It Seems
I looked-up conspiracy theory on Wikipedia, it says ‘nothing happens by accident, nothing is as it seems, and everything is connected.’ So that’s the chorus sorted!

This song covers three incidents which I’ve combined into a single story. The only bit of this I believe to be true is the bit about Frank Sinatra having to un-invite Sammy Davis Jnr from a Kennedy celebration party. I think it was because he had married a white woman.

It’s a pretty standard pop/rock song with some glaring similarities to other pop/rock songs. Instead of having a middle 8, it has an intro and outro. Longer than usual so, you’ll need to concentrate.  Thanks for Joe for playing the bass, the only other instruments are two/three guitars and drums.

1 TimnJulie Nothing Is As It Seems

2. Phil Sanderson
The lucrative / dubious world of canine breeding...a dog's view...
2 PhilS Stud v5

3. Rob Warner
The Jake Conspiracy
If you know who Jake Thackery is, this will be like a stake to the heart and if you are unfamiliar with his work, this will be...interesting.

A total diversion for me. I’ve unashamedly copied his singing style (and Yorkshire accented delivery) and tried to composes a small ditty about the little known conspiracy of always finding oneself behind the person with 6months’ worth of eBay items to post.

After this, I now realise that Jake Thackary’s a musical genius and if you ARE unfamiliar with his work, a good place to start is either ‘Sister Josephine’ or ‘Bantam Cock’.

3 RobW The Jake Conpiracy

4. Christian Duffin
Thanks a Million
After Major Roger Ingram won a million pounds on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? the producers brought in the police,  suspecting him of foul play. Eventually he, his wife and another man - who directed Ingram to the right answers by coughing - were all imprisoned for fraud. The song is from the point of view of Ingram's phone-a-friend that night, who was completely innocent but believes some people thought he was part of the scam. You'll spot a reference to the question he had to answer as the phone-a-friend, which was to name the UK country that the River Foyle flows through. He correctly gave he answer as Northern Ireland.
Just to muddy the lyrical waters, the chorus is sung by Ingram. It's pretty basic - mostly guitar, bass and singing.
4 ChristianD Thanks a Million

5. Tim & Glyn
Sorry about last month's absence. This month's song is as much about paranoia as conspiracy. The drum programming and bass sounds are a bit of an experiment (which means they are deliberate, rather than accidental)!
5 TimGlyn Conspiracy MP3

6. Stephen Clarke
On Hold Again
This is about the conspiracy theories that set in when your (supposed) loved one won't answer the phone. Something fishy MUST be going on. But do you keep trying to phone or is that too stalker-like? You're trapped.
After last month's acoustic set, I've gone full electric - this is my attempt at a sort of riff-based Doctor Feelgood blues, with Telecaster, bass, and the usual robot drummer (who got a bit excited this time). To match the Isle of Dogs pub gig feel, I had a few amp problems so there's some nice distortion here and there.
6b On Hold Again