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The Songwriters’ Collective ‘tenth’ offering/theme of 2017 is ‘Change’. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received.

1. Tim & Julie
Changed to Newspeak
This song proposes the idea that social media (I’ve singled out twitter) makes people more stupid or, at least limits meaningful dialogue (obviously, no one has EVER said this before). I’ve also likened it to limiting our ability to express ideas similar to ‘Newspeak’ in 1984.

The mechanics of the song is a 3-piece set-up so everyone has more space. I’ve always liked the way some blues artists hover between major and minor (I normally get stuck using pentatonic minor). I've tried to do the same, throwing in some diminished scale licks for some discords (which I really enjoy). If you hate the discords, at least it’s only 2 minutes long.

1 TimandJ changed to newspeak

2. Phil Sanderson
Another Celtic offering- no weird time signatures this time, it's plain old 4/4! I've gone for a more 'live' sound this month - I really don't know where the lyrics for this came from - certainly not from any first hand experience!
2 Phil S Juliet

3. Stephen Clarke
Change is Getting Further Away
When I was a kid, everyone said that everything was going to get better - more leisure time, an end to poverty, no more wars and all that. Well, things have got steadily worse since, despite all those marches I've been on and all those petitions I've signed. That's what this song is about.
Production-wise, well, I'm away from home so all I have is a travel guitar, with a bathroom as the only noise-free place available. So this is even more demo-like than usual - acoustic guitar, voice and computer drums. The bass is just the bottom E string of the travel guitar. Actually, given the gloomy theme, it's lucky I didn't have more access to instruments, because I might have been tempted to hire a sentimental orchestra.

3. StephenC ChangeIsGettingFurtherAway Remix

4. Rob Warner
Change is Going to Come
I had nothing on Sunday morning. I’d just heard from Tim and Glyn to say they’d run out of time and we were due to leave for my mother-in-law’s for lunch so only had a small window of opportunity.

I set myself some restrictions (all major chords and it HAS to feature my new eBay acoustic guitar purchase to justify the £150!) and set to work. I composed the song before lunch then went off to Harwich and then had another 90 minutes to add drums and backing vocals and a country-style (ish) acoustic guitar solo.
4. RobW Change is going to comeV2

5. Christian Duffin
First Lie of the Day
The change here is that the bloke gets a rude a awakening about his relationship at the end. In verse two I should have sung 'from home a text arrives' to distinguish between the two women, rather than 'from her a text arrives.' Confusion reigns, but hopefully you'll get the gist anyway.
5 ChristianD First Lie of the Day