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The Songwriters’ Collective ‘ninth’ offering/theme of 2017 (I know it’s not the ninth but it makes things easier for me!) is ‘Welcome Back’. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received.

1. Christian Duffin
Crack the Track
The bloke in this story is heading home after an absence, but is thwarted by multiple problems on the train system. I got the idea when I was on a journey recently and a voice on the loudspeaker really did say that the hold-ups were because of a crack in the track. It sounded like a good song title.  
1 ChristianD Crack in the Track

2. Stephen Clarke
Leaving (Going Home)
I thought that the "coming home" theme sounded like a country song, so here's one about the eternal wanderer, a musician perhaps, who finally decides that his touring days are over.
The home fires never seemed to burn bright enough before, so he was always leaving, but now they're guiding him home. It's sort of Johnny Cash but without anyone getting killed.
Production-wise, it's really simple - acoustic rhythm guitar, bass, robot drum track, bit of Tele in the background, vocals.

2 Stephen C Leaving (Going Home) remix2

3. Phil Sanderson
Dancing With Strangers
‘Our Hero’ returns back from a long arduous journey across the ocean… but after months apart the first sight of his partner again is her cavorting around the dance floor at a local Ceilidh with various new partners: not the welcome he had expected.
Musically only a few people are aware of my frequent forays into my own genre of eclectic gaelic folk music, so I thought I would give it a whirl this time around to gauge opinion.
3 PhilS Dancing With Strangers v10

4. Tim and Julie
I’m Back
Do you think the world needs another song about the prodigal son? Probably not but, I did it anyway.

This parable never seemed to make sense to me. I understand that forgiveness and welcoming a ‘repentant sinner’ back into the club is all very worthy but, you’ve gotta feel for the older brother. He’s being slagged off because his faithful service to his father, while questioning the vigorous celebrations on his younger brother’s return, gets him labeled as a pious loser.

Anyway, I didn’t pursue this thought. Instead I treated it like the younger brother pissed away his inheritance so his dad could feel good about himself for forgiving his reckless behaviour. The things we do to please our parents!
4 TimnJulie I'm back

5. Tim and Glyn
Welcome Back
This song started life with Glyn chanting over a very rough backing track and we were originally intending for it be called 'Naevehoo ohtseme', which is 'We are going back home' in Cheyenne. 

While we considering this, we went to South Wales on holiday and met two separate lots of people that we hadn't seen for ages (plus subsequently those of you that were at the Another Citizen gig) and were struck by how quickly we slipped straight back into the groove. The song therefore retains a bit of the feel of the original idea but applied to reunions with friends. Hope you like it. 

5 TimnGlyn Welcome Back Mp3

6. Rob Warner
Welcome Back
I started off with the chorus words (nothing too imaginative there!) Then sat at the piano and bashed out a few chords and sang over the top and the rough theme (lyrically) is the idea of emerging from a kind of emotional hibernation. 
6 RobW Welcome Back v2