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The Songwriters’ Collective sixth offering is ‘James Bond’. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received.

1. Christian Duffin
Know His Name
My favourite Bond themes are Nobody Does it Better and Live and Let Die so I've tried writing something in the style of those two. The lyric is about how Bond has had countless very intense affairs that never last long. He's never in a relationship and it struck me that the women never actually get to know him. He never gets to know them either. Recent Bond films have been a bit more analytical of Bond's psyche, not always placing him in a good light, so my title is a reference to this - all his lovers know his name but never know the man. It's the theme tune to a film called His Name is James.
1. Christian D Bond Know His Name

2. Stephen Clarke
Toast to 007
A tribute to Roger Moore, a wink-to-the-camera and yet sincere Bond song. 
The idea comes from the first Bond book, Casino Royale, in which 007 is a snobbish 1950s hardman who gets miffed if he doesn't have his favourite brand of Champagne, vermouth and shampoo, or his custom-blended cigarettes. 
There's also a scene in which he explains to Vesper Lynd, the first Bond girl, that the worry with caviar is not that that the restaurant might not give you enough caviar, it's that you'll be short of toast to spread it on. Sophisticated or what. Maybe it was that kind of mansplaining that turned Vesper into a traitor. 
Anyway, this is a song about Bond's mission at a chic casino on the Normandy coast. Musically, apart from the automated opening chord and robot drums, it's straight bass, Telecaster, vocals.

2. StephenCJamesBondSong Toast to 007

3. Phil Sanderson
Live to Live Another Day
Well it's ended up being quite a serious song, although I had had every intention of tapping into the innuendo bucket for this month.  Musically it's bass, drum part and just one guitar(although it might sound more than this in parts of song) 
3. PhilSlive to live another day v2

4. Tim and Glyn
You, Only You
It's quite difficult to pin down exactly what makes a Bond theme distinctively a Bond theme. We discussed all sorts of ideas but the song developed into this, rather melancholy theme. Perhaps this is the one where everyone he cares for dies. Oh no! That was the last one. And the two before that, come to think of it.... 
4. TimnGlynYou only you MP3

5. Tim and Julie
Bond, James Bond
This was a struggle. I’ll leave it at that.
5. TimnJulieBond, James Bond