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The Songwriters’ Collective fifth offering is (again) a ‘Eurovision’ offering. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received.

1. Stephen Clarke
Living On The Outside
Here's a very English-sounding song about how it's going to feel once we've left Eurovision. This is our Waterloo. Those were the days.
I haven't tried to do a "Eurovision" sound. It's rhythm, lead, (lots of) bass, vocals, and a robot drummer called Thumpy McBumpy or something like that. As you'll hear, I had a lot of fun mucking around with different guitar parts.
I wasn't going to do another Eurovision song but then I thought, nul points is better than nothing.
1 StephenC LivingOnTheOutside

2. Phil Sanderson

Chez Moi (by the artist ‘formerly known as EuroPhil’
Mon Dieu.  This is his first song since a premature release from incarceration.  I've toned down some of his lyrics a little, and made absolutely sure that no other members of his family were present in the recording.  The performance in Ukraine this month will feature the artist roaming round his bedroom, bottle of wine and cigarette in hand, while backing vocals come from unsuitable females in, under and over the bed linen.  Zut alors!
2 PhilS 15 a chez moi v3

3. Tim & Julie Warner
Do It on the Radio
I wanted to do an entry for Eurovision that was unlike the ‘normal’ fare that I come up with so, I came up with a clavichord ditty. Then I started on the lyrics and found I really don’t like the idea behind Eurovision, X-factor, that one where they turn the chairs around, or any other talent/reality shows on television. As a result, this has turned into a bit of a rant.
On the plus side, it is exactly three minutes long, so I wouldn’t get disqualified.

3 TimW do it on the radio

4. Christian Duffin
Death of a Greasy Spoon
I couldn't face writing another one in a different language or a synth pop song so I've entered this, which I'm passing off as the English entry, because of its very English subject matter. It's about the demise of the old school London greasy spoons. Some are barely worth saving, but others have some great art deco interiors or something unusual about their layout. I owe a debt to a pocketbook called London Caffs by Edwin Heathcote, which I was given by a friend a few years ago. It highlights much of the imagery I've used in the song. I'd planned on visiting a few of the caffs in the book but when I checked their opening hours on the internet before leaving the house I found that most of them don't actually exist anymore. A lot have been taken over by upmarket coffee houses or smart eateries. Pity.
4 Chrstian Death of a Greasy Spoon mp3

5. Tim & Glyn
Pull Together Now
This year's entry for the People Republic of Utopia (PRU) is by the New New Seekers. It is a great song of bland hope for the future and may be turned soon into an advert for Pru cola (the nations favourite beverage). The songwriting took a strange turn when PRU were made aware of the 3 minute rule for the competition and so according to PRU timing, it is exactly 3 minutes, albeit with a rather abrupt ending!
5 TimandG Pull Together Now MP3