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The Songwriters’ Collective’s fourth offering of 2017 is ‘Funk’ month. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received.

1. Stephen Clarke
I’m In Love (But She Doesn’t Give a Funk)
I feel a bit guilty for not taking it completely seriously, but then I'm living proof that a white man can't really (I mean reeeally) funk it.
So It's the old "I saw her dancing" story, with a twist. And I've taken up the lyric challenge - if you're southern English, can you rhyme "hot pants", "dance", "chance" and "romance"?
I think it does get almost seriously funky in the chorus, though.

1 StephenC I'm in Love (ButSheDoesntGiveAFunk)

2. Christian Duffin

The Best Thing in this Crummy Town
I took Prince as the template for this one, firing half the band during the days of writing and recording, and trying it on with every woman who passed me in the street. The falsetto singing voice required one or two retakes and some minor surgery. The song is a tale of unrequited teenage love in a dead-end town. Prince would have made the lyrics a bit muckier and brought in his own bass player.
2. ChristianD Best Thing

3. Phil Sanderson

Change the Destination
My shortest song yet! It's a song about recent developments in the Sanderson household, although my wife might well raise an eyebrow to my first song devoted to her being (loosely) a funk one!  
3 PhilS Change the Destination v2

4. Tim & Glyn

Leave Our Fields Alone
The farmer who owns the fields opposite our house is planning to develop housing but he hasn't reckoned on the power of funk! Thanks once more to son Simon for the nifty guitar playing.
4 TimandG Leave our fields alone MP3

5. Tim & Julie

Tiny Hands, Tall Tales
I found funk much more difficult than I thought. Then I struggled to keep the lyrical content down (it seems unimportant in funk songs). It started as a song about Trump but, bored of thinking about him, I converted it to a song about troublesome toddlers (so not a million miles from where it started).

Technically, as Christian mentioned, the bass is the key and, it turns out, I’m a terrible bass player. I tried multiple times but I’m simply not accurate enough. In the end I programmed it rather than played.

5 TimandJ Tiny Hands, Tall tales