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The Songwriters’ Collective’s third offering of 2017 is ‘Clothes’ month. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received.

1. Tim & Julie
Dress Related Pay
The trouble here is the title tells you all you need to know about the song. Rather than waste 3 minutes of your life listening to the song, you get the bulk of the idea in the tenth of a second it takes to read it.

I was thinking about the recent cases of women being required to wear high heels at work and how that shouldn’t be allowed any more. The problem is, in my limited experience, dressing up for work seems to, well, work! I don’t think I’m the only one who’s noticed it either. There have been times when it became a, sort of, clothes arms-race.

I think I’ve mis-remembered the heading for this month. I now realise it should have been an item of clothing, rather than about clothes generally.

That riff seems very obvious and familiar to me but, it could be I’ve been listening to it for a few days. Apologies if it’s a rip-off but, I can’t place it at the moment.

1 timandjulie Dress Related Pay

2. Stephen Clarke
Firing Line
After last month's can-can knickerbockers, this is pyjama month. It's a hymn to staying in bed rather than going to work.
It's not at all inspired by PJ Harvey, but owes a major debt to Peer Gynt via Fats Waller.
The production is even simpler than usual - acoustic guitar, bass, hi-hat. That's all I could fit in the bedroom.

2 StephenC Firing Line

3. Christian Duffin
Her Favourite Shirt
A shirt is left at a woman's house and she becomes obsessed with it, picking it up each day to remind herself of the wearer, who was someone special to her. He hasn't been seen for a while. I had to avoid rhyming 'shirt' with 'hurt' because Frank Skinner and David Baddiel did it.
3 Christian D Her Favourite Shirt

4. Phil Sanderson
A Thing About Thongs
 Last month's entry was partly autobiographical, however, this month's is 100% non-autobiographical!  Sung from the point of view of a Thongist (if that's not a real word, then it is now) who has ended up in more than a spot of trouble as a result of a touch of 'overexposure'.  I hadn't intended to use the style of vocal you'll hear, but a week back at school soon put paid to any prospect of singing in a clearer tone.
4 Phil S thong v3

5. Tim & Glyn
Sybil’s Dress
Glyn was brought up by her Aunt Sybil, who would tell us stories about her experiences in the war. There was an American air base a few miles away and the servicemen clearly made a great impression on Sybil who would reminisce with great fondness about playing lawn tennis and attending dances during the blackouts but also of the danger and the risks taken by the airmen.

Glyn still has the dress referred to in the title. It was made by her grandmother and worn by Aunt Syb on special occasions.

Unfortunately, Glyn's been suffering with a really bad throat. The vocals were intended as a rough draft but had to be used as she has lost her voice. 
5 tandg Sybil's Dress