graphics, editing, voice-over, music...

The Songwriters’ Collective’s first offering of 2017 is ‘Film Title’ month. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received (that is, the FIRST time they were received. Clearly there was too much time to tinker!)

1. Stephen Clarke
Who’s The Real Rambo
This is the story we've never been told. The Stallone films got it all wrong.
Production-wise, it's the usual suspects: my Telecaster and EB3 having a bit of a lark while aimed at my computer. That's me banging the cymbal, too. And holding the megaphone for the scary ending.

1 StephenC Who's the Real Rambo? V2

2. Phil Sanderson
All Quiet On The Western Front
Well, a song has emerged.  and here should be the all important sleeve note -   I'm finding harder to compose this than the song. So I'll let the music speak for itself.
2 PhilS All Quiet On The Western Front v3

3. Tim & Julie
The Notebook
The film with the same title from is one of the slushiest romantic films for years. It’s so wet, it’s even mentioned in other films as the ultimate male sacrifice when a man is trying to show a girl his sensitive side, only to be mocked like it a sort of celluloid castration.
This song is from the point of view of a someone who is assembling a list of people he hates and writing them in 'the notebook' with no chance of ever taking any meaningful action. Possibly a bit of a shopping list song but I’ve only had a couple of months so, obviously, I’ve left it to the last minute.

3 TimandJ The Notebook_v2

4. Tim & Glyn
Mars Attacks
The film is a tribute to 'B' movies. It was described by one critic as 'an over directed and poorly written farce' and features a hammy performance from Jack Nicholson fighting off an alien invasion. The song is about cravings for sweet food - we'll leave the description to the SWC critics. The song is a family effort this time round - I roped Simon into lead guitar duties, which he did in one take and then buggered off. The brief bursts of slide guitar are my work but the main electric guitar is his.
4 TimandG Mars Attacks MP3

5. Christian Duffin
The Big Sleep
I saw this film about 25 years ago and remember the wisecracking between Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, but nothing about the plot. It seemed incredibly complicated. The film's title presumably refers to what's in store for someone about to be murdered, but mine is about a bloke with insomnia who longs for a good night's kip.
5 ChristianD The Big Sleep