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The Songwriters’ Collective’s second offering of 2017 is ‘Fantasy’ month. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received.

1. Christian Duffin
The Man with the Changing Mind
American chess player Bobby Fischer played Boris Spassky for the world championship in 1972. The story goes that Fischer made allegations at one point that his sneaky Russian opponent had invented a machine - hidden under the table - that could read Fischer's brainwaves and presumably predict his next move. I've made the assumption that this wild claim was true, so the song is about how Fischer foils this terrible plan by trying to jumble up his own thoughts to confuse the Russians. Utter gibberish, but that's rock'n'roll for you.
1 ChristianD Manchanging

2. Stephen Clarke
Merde in France
Driven insane by the French presidential election campaign, a crooner forgets that he's meant to do chansons d'amour, and starts singing a stream of obscenities. Meanwhile several members of the house band decide to ditch conventional instruments and perform out-of-tune licks on what sounds like the butt trumpet.
Musically, it's a three-chord loop designed to drive the audience to psychedelic drugs.

2 SC Merde In France (the crooner's breakdown)

3. Tim & Glyn
Over The Trees
Quite possibly the strangest song we've submitted so far. The song is about a fantasy dream world and is intended to be off-beat to match the fantasy lyrics, with a wide variety of keyboard and guitar sounds and highly treated vocals. So much so that we felt the need to submit the lyrics (indecipherable lyrics are normally an integral part of modern music but that's OK if you have the lyric sheet)! 

Over the trees
Over the hills
I fly
And see

You tried to conduct the choir 
With a breadstick in your hand
The orchestra were crumbling
They couldn't understand
I caught your kiss as you turned round
And we stepped through the snow
I'm melting now, your cookies bake
And the kettles singing "no"

You tried to run
With feet on wheels
All tense undone
Can it be real

We opened the door outside
The hills rose to the west
Balanced on a tight thin wire
You said it was a test
You threw your hat into the wind
We laughed as it turned round
All the birds were breathing in
And silence makes no sound

Over the trees
Over the hills
I fly 
I see.

3 TimandG Over the Trees MP3

4. Phil Sanderson
Square Peg
A partly autobiographical song…    

No keyboard parts this month, just a few guitars together with the bass and drums.  After too much deliberation I left out a verse and a half to include my guitar solo.  Comments and reviews will judge whether that was wise or foolish.  In my fantasy world I'm on stage playing my solo to the adoring fans,in reality i suspect the listener will not be sharing that vision.
4 PhilS square peg v3

5. Tim and Julie
Tramp Emporium
This came from a couple of sources, firstly, from Rob’s comments about ‘eat the homeless’ which, in turn, dredged up a memory of a joke I made to my daughter about how people begging are very organised about it and rent all their tramp stuff, before returning it and driving home in their cars. This song acts a bit like an advert for a company that hires out tramp paraphernalia, aimed at the recently unemployed: the tramp emporium.
In the new world of Trumptonian economics, I’ve corporatised begging. Now that’s what I call a 'free market.’

5 TimandJ tramp emporium