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The Songwriters’ Collective’s final offering of 2016 is ‘Christmas/Winter’ month (of course it is!!) Songs appear here in the order in which they were received.

1. Tim & Julie Warner
Base Miles
I must admit, by heart sank at the prospect of another Christmas song so, I’ve embraced the idea of a winter song. This is dedicated to all the dedicated runners who spend the winter building a good base for the season to come. If you don’t know, base miles are long, slow miles that many summer athletes spend do through the winter.
It’s very simple and came together quickly (as you can probably hear) once I had a clear idea. In early sketches, was more of a EVH-style metal song with lots of guitar tapping arpeggios. I’m crap at those so was relieved when this arrangement popped into my head after going out running.

1 TimandJ base miles

2. Stephen Clarke
Boycott Christmas
The dark side of yuletide. Santa looks cuddly, but he's just Trump on a sleigh. 
I wasn't going to write a third Christmas tune in a row, but decided what the hell, and set all the humbug I could muster to four chords.
A production note: I had to tweak the voices electronically so that the elves didn't sound too trebly.

2 StephenC Boycott Christmas (The Toys Rnt Us Mix)

3. Christian Duffin
The Christmas Sales
I ditched plans for a song called The Vegans Who Stole Christmas and did this instead. There were multiple changes of lyrics and there's one verse that I was quite fond of that I somehow forgot to put in. Hope you're not weighed down by the metaphor here  - it's about a bloke who is dumped just before Christmas and feels like he's an unwanted gift of lessened value; an item in the Christmas sales. Don't worry  - there is some festive cheer of sorts before the end.
3 Christian D Christmas Sales

4. Colin Parish
Christmas Rapping
I don't know why but I always channel a miserable part of me in my festive offerings. I actually love Christmas. This is all done on the iPad GarageBand app. It's pretty self-explanatory. Hope you all have a good one and a successful 2017 (despite the Chump in the  White House....).
4 Colin P Christmas rapping

5. Phil Sanderson
At Christmas Time
A rather more upbeat musical style this month..... A few members of the Little Oakley choir have been seasonally reemployed in a gesture of goodwill, and the drummer has also returned from his short sabbatical.
5 Phil S At Christmas Time

6. Tim & Glyn
If Time Could Stand Still
The song is about nostalgia. We wanted to capture the feeling that memories of Christmas for both of us are happy but tinged with sadness. So this is our poignant celebration or joyful dirge about Christmas. Hope you enjoy it or fill up with tears. 
6 TimandG If Time Could Stand Still MP3

7. Rob Warner
Christmas Waltz (I don’t feel the way that I should)
I wrote a truly terrible song but persevered with it until it ended up on the digital scrap heap. Amazingly, this one is better!! It was composed on a Saturday afternoon at the piano. Four chords and a great dollop of misery from Mr Grumpy. There was a middle eight section where I blamed the Three Wise Men and the Shepherds (and I tried to get something in about Jesus dying on the cross rather than facing another tortuous Christmas) but it didn’t work out (shorter is always better.) The bass was done in one take so I apologise for the glaring errors. The mellotron at the end is in honour of the Genesis tribute band that Mike G and I went to see in Lille in France (he probably didn’t want me to tell you that!) Happy Christmas everyone.
7 Christmas. I don't feel the way I should