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The Songwriters’ Collective’s eleventh offering of 2016 is ‘A Dog’s Life’ month. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received.

1. Christian Duffin
Moon Over France
This is the theme song to a children's cartoon about a group of beleaguered foxes who live in England but dream of moving to France. It may be better for them there but it may not. It's a kind of allegory for the experiences of refugees who are just trying to make a life, but are unwelcome and distrusted wherever they go. There's a bit of mandolin, acoustic guitar and piano.
1 ChristianD Moon Over France

2. Stephen Clarke
He was the mongrelest mongrel at the RSPCA, an untrainable mutt I got for my 6th birthday, whose main wish when he wasn't destroying furniture or barking was to run away. But he lived to 17 and by the end he was a bit like an aging punk, a grumpy old anarchist who didn't give a damn. 
If this sounds as though it was recorded in a kennel, it's because I did most of it with a travel guitar, squatting on a bathroom floor. But I'm sure that's what Ruff would have preferred - he hated slick production values and used to go nuts whenever crooners came on the radio.

2 StephenC RuffTheKennelMix

3. Tim & Julie Warner
Fat Dog
While experimenting with some of the sounds within GarageBand if found the tuba and wondered if it would ever come in useful. I think it has now. The whole thing is ploddy, wobbly and has been fun to put together. I didn’t so much play guitar as play whammy-bar. It’s all a bit shambolic but, for the subject matter, it seemed to be right, with the added bonus that I could leave in all the mistakes and dispense with overdubs and multiple takes.
3. TimandJfat dog

4. Colin Parish
My Dog
If the most useless dog owner owned the most useless dog..... Me singing and playing the uke plus me playing the uke.
4 ColinP My Song

5. Phil Sanderson
Thoughts on how a rescued dog can rescue a life.
Just one guitar, two basses and two voices this month.

5. Phils Unconditional v2

6. Rob Warner
I Want A Dog
Phil’s title is perfect! I’ve said to anyone who’ll listen that I think, as my children grow older and more independent, I yearn for the unconditional love that they once gave me. The answer is either have more children or get a dog!! What can I say? I want a dog! I wrote this using some loops from Garageband. Lyrically, it’s as weak and hurried as ever but my vague idea was that I want a dog and a dog wants me and together we’ll be great!
6 ROBW I Want A Dog