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The Songwriters’ Collective’s tenth offering of 2016 is ‘Beginning, Middle & End’ month. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received.

1. Stephen Clarke
Louisiana Song
Y'all will have to forgive me, but I've just got back from a month-long road trip across the USA, which might just have influenced my song a little. It's based on a notice I saw behind the counter in a roadside diner: "Gordon must not be served". And the waitress, nametag Patty, who told me how she'd left her hometown 20 years ago and never been back. When I looked on the map it was ten miles upriver. 
So this is a muddy, bluesy country tale about Gordon and Patty, with me imagining why he might not get served any more. I like to think it's the kind of sound you'd get from a bunch of old-timers in baseball caps, playing for tips in a place where a full set of teeth is considered a luxury. Mind you, most of my mixes sound that way.
1 StephenC LouisianaSong

2. Mike Gosling
Cold War Baby
More tales of unplanned pregnancy, broken homes and early death set in the flatlands of East Anglia. Crikey you're thinking, I hope Mike put in a couple of jokes to lighten the mood. Nope - sorry to tell you it's all doom and gloom. Set against the backdrop of impending nuclear war how could it be otherwise? Enjoy.

ps I'm contemplating a move to the Outer Hebrides, apparently the happiest place to live in Britain. Either that or setting myself the sub-task for next month's SWC of writing a happy song.
2 MikeG Cold War Baby

3. Christian Duffin
When Trudie Lost Her Hair
The beginning of this describes a woman's experiences in losing her hair after cancer treatment, the middle is about how people around her react, and the end is a an idea she has for regaining some pride and control. I wanted it to be a rock song with just guitars, bass and drums.
3 ChristianD When Trudie Lost Her Hair

4. Tim & Glyn
Girl On A Train
Drugs,romance and travel. What could be better? It's like a middle class Ian Dury song lyric. The title suggested sound effects and samples might be the order of the day but after 2 consecutive months of speech and horror samples, we thought we'd stick with conventional instruments. Towards the end of the first version of the song, I looked at the counter to see that we were a mere 6 and a half minutes into the composition. Thank your lucky stars we did version 2 instead!
4 TimnGlyn Girl on a train mp3

5. Phil Sanderson
Lost The Plot
A song which appears to have ‘lost the plot’! Not ideal in a month when the plot would seemingly be essential.  I wrote most of song in a quite leisurely bpm, then realised it would be heavily overlong so - stubbornly- rather than missing out any sections, I decided to up the bpm by about 15%.  Minor effect: some of the lines have become a little rushed. Major effect: I really could not fit in words to the sections which now feature the massed choir ( it's me, all me, lots of me ). So those sections which had contained much of the narrative with the ethereal choir in background have been reworked and transformed. ( Musically very happy with that... but as I said earlier… the song has ‘Lost the Plot’. )
5 PhilS Room v2

6. Tim & Julie
We Live On The Dog
So, to comply with the limitations of the month, it’s a song with 3 verses and the chorus changes each time.
It’s a pretty thin idea that doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny wether you interpret it on face value or allegorically. I wrote it as a song about fleas living on a dog but, I was influenced but a youtube clip I saw about the importance of compound maths and how our failure to understand it would spell doom to the human race. Having come up with the idea and writing some lyrics, I investigated the actual life cycle of fleas and it bears little resemblance to anything I’ve written here. Still, it’s (hopefully) a piece of entertainment rather than a text book.
6 TimnJulie we live on the dog