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The Songwriters’ Collective’s eighth offering of 2016 is ‘Murder’ month. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received.

1. Stephen Clarke
I’m Happy
Violence isn't my thing, and there's too much of it about at the moment, which is why I felt the need to distance the murder theme. That's why this is a sort of 1920s acoustic blues ditty, so that it's all a long while in the past. It's a riverboat bar song about a simple case of domestic violence. Though there is a sting in the tail.
Production-wise, it's even more of a rush job than usual, a demo really. One rhythm guitar, quick blast of the same guitar in the solo, semi-acoustic bass, bit of basic percussion. The timing is off here and there, I know, especially at the start, and the vocals get wobbly, but I have no time to fix it. 

1. StephenC I'mHappy (MurderSong)

2. Mike Gosling
One of my "kitchen table" recordings. I recorded "Adeline" in one take (with guitar) on my little digital recorder and then did some overdubs in Logic. I was going to do a murder trilogy and then choose one of the songs to enter -  but this is the only one I got finished in time. 
2. Mike G Adeline

3. Phil Sanderson
Mord I Mine Øjne
Hot on the heels of acclaimed Scandi-Noir epics such as ‘The Killing’ and ‘The Bridge’ comes the little known ‘Boghandel’ series. The rights to the show have yet to be bought by any English speaking country, in part due to writer / director Åse Sandersonsonson’s refusal to have the title translated to ‘Bookshop’.  Set in the sleepy Danish town of ‘Middelfart’, the plot weaves its way around bookshop owner Tor Knækbrød ( played by unacclaimed actor Aslog Puggaard ) and his obsession with crime fiction.  Political interest comes in the form of local councillor Flad Pakke and his party’s plan to bulldoze the town centre to buid a trendy furniture store.

Tor plans revenge together with love interest Gorm Blondiner ( played excrutiatingly by Dag Slot ). A series of highly improbable and gruesome murders takes place, however the plot takes so many unexpected turns and twists that a second series is inevitable.  It’s all filmed beautifully and mainly in almost complete darkness.  The song ’Mord I Mine Øjne’ comes at the end of each episode.
3. PhilS Mord I Mine Øjne

4. Christian Duffin
Goodbye, My Love
I've used a 'note from beyond the grave' approach here. The bloke has been murdered by someone he considers to be close to him, and he can't figure out why. There are clues, although he could be barking up the wrong tree thinking it must because of something HE'S done. I've done a lot of fast songs and I wanted to do a slow one this time. It's very sparse, mostly a guitar and bass.
4. ChristianD Goodbye My Love mp3

5. Tim & Julie Warner
One Slip, You’re Dead

Many thanks to Joe (my son) for adding the bass on this.

Well, I had a song rattling around my head for ages for this month. I really should have tried to record it earlier because, although it sounded great in my head, in GarageBand it was terrible. Normally, I am unaware of how terrible a song is until weeks later; with this one I knew straight away. So I was left with not much time and, for completeness, an urgent need to come up with a song.

I saw something on Quora that made me think about open carrying gun laws in America (it seems you can openly carry a gun as if you’re some kind of cowboy in most states). It was argued that this was statistically a very poor way to protect yourself: the chances of anyone finding themselves in a situation where having a gun will save you are tiny, while the chances of someone falling and suffering a fatal head injury are much, much greater. Based on the statistical evidence, and assuming safety is the main concern, people should wear crash helmets before they carry guns because it would save more lives.

This also made me sad for the new wave of seemingly anti-evidence politics where facts are being replaced with feelings, even when it is easily shown those feelings are in complete opposition to all the evidence.

So this is the basis of me coming up with a very straight forward song at the last minute (taking Rob’s advice). Oddly, when Rob does this he sounds like Steely Dan while I sound more like Doctor Feelgood. You would never take us for brothers.

If you are generous you may call this a ‘sister piece’ to 'Give The Game Away’ from May. If you were less generous, you would say it was the same song with notes in a slightly different order (that joke: copyright B.A. Robertson 1981). I only added the guitar solo to take it over 2 minutes long. These are desperate times.
5. TimW one slip, you're dead

6. Rob Warner
I thought I’d done no work on this but a quick trawl to the bottom of my iPhone notes showed that I had in fact started on an idea for lyrics. So I sat down and started playing around with chords and decided to impose a ‘no minor chords’ rule to counteract the dark subject matter. It was supposed to be a C&W song but the first version was a dirge so I upped the tempo and it turned into what you hear below - a cross between ‘Baggy Trousers’ and ‘Hello, How Are you’?

The song is written from the viewpoint of a psychopathic killer who is more interested in quantity than quality and is really just a list of people one could kill and the methods one could use. Cheerful.

I played this to my daughter and wife and my daughter thought it was catchy (mind you, she thought my Eurovision entry, ‘Plinky Plonky Sex’ was a work of genius) whereas my wife was horrified and described it as ‘...probably the worst song I’ve ever heard’.
6. RobW Murder v2

7. Tim & Glyn
Not Above Suspicion
A few acknowledgements for this one (someone should share the blame). The main riff is shamelessly stolen but I don't know where from. I'd be interested if anyone knows...Voices include Christopher Lee and Vincent Price, the Wilhelm scream and Glyn's batty alter ego that occasionally surfaces after a gin or two. Hope you have your Cluedo at the ready!
7.TandG Not Above Suspicion mp3