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The Songwriters’ Collective’s seventh offering of 2016 is ‘New & Current Affairs’ month. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received.

1. Colin Parish
To Be A Good Parent
I heard an interview on the Today programme - Lord Laming (ex-social worker and of Victoria Climbie Inquiry fame) talking about kids in care - and it struck me that it had a rhythm of its own.
I recorded it (thanks BBC iPlayer) and chopped it about a bit.
All the guitary bits are my uke with various effects, the rest is iPad GarageBand drums, bass, keyboard and strings.

1.ColinP To be a good parent

2. Stephen Clarke
Blood On Your Hands
This is a song about the kind of people who want Trump to be president. I decided to make it a song they might listen to, so it's real old-school country. They might not like the second verse though.
It's a reworking of the snippet I wrote for film theme month. Someone recommended then that I extend it to a full song, and I've done that. I've had no time at all to record it, though, which might not be a bad thing. Instead of adding my shaky percussion, it's just one guitar with a few added licks after chorus one. Plus a less than angelic choir. After listening to it, I'm sure none of you will vote for Trump. Or even before listening to it, of course.
2. StephenC BloodOnYourHands Final

3. Mike Gosling
This Promised Land
There is a striking image of thousands of life jackets piled up on a hillside on the Greek island of Lesbos.
This was the starting point for my song this month. 

3. MikeG This Promised Land mix2

4. Christian Duffin
The Other Animals
This is based on the story of the three year-old boy who somehow found his way into the gorilla enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo. The keepers took no chances and killed Harambe the gorilla. Some on social media slated the mother for not keeping an eye on her boy, while others were furious at the zoo keepers for shooting the gorilla. Perhaps they thought it would have been better to kill the boy, given that three year-olds are not endangered. I'm not really interested in rehashing any of that, but the whole thing just reminded me that zoos are cruel places and that in a civilised society they wouldn't exist. The lyric is about how the other animals briefly envy Harambe for suddenly having a playmate, then they go back to their lives of isolation and imprisonment. 
4.ChristianDOther Animals

5. Tim & Glyn
Setting Light to a Flame
This is a reaction to the Brexit vote from the perspective of a remain supporter watching scary rifts opening up in an already volatile atmosphere. Glyn says her vocal style was inspired by Barry Gibb, Eartha Kitt and a growling cat! 
4. TimandG Setting light to a flame MP3

6. Phil Sanderson
It Catches a Bandit Good

Away from Uk’s depressive departures, a local hero acts kinda smarter.

Mounting his horse to right a wrong, Robert Bobra inspired this song.

Defender of the casual shopper from the transient Seattleite robber.

Riding across town he’s willing to act when others wouldn’t bother.

5.PhilS It catches a bandit good v6

7. Tim & Julie
Turf War (Cemetery Brawl)
We had several thought for subject matter for this. I was disappointed the idea of getting the entire contents of the Harwich and Manningtree standard into a 3 minute pop song was thwarted by some actual news in the town.
I heard this news story driving home from a gig in May (on the same night as eurovision). It was the only time I heard it broadcast so, hopefully, I will be the only one that covers it. In case you’re interested, this is the story: 
Moscow cemetery brawl: Three dead and 90 arrested - BBC News
Thanks to Rob for extending the time for this one. Even with the extension, it’s still a bit rough or, as I prefer to say, it has a live sound.
6.TimandJ turf war (cemetry brawl)

8. Rob Warner
A Fair Society
The (new) deadline was looming and I had written nothing. I was desperately trying to avoid Brexit and anything political but failed. I sat down at 11am (I’ve got a week off) today (5th July) with nothing either musical or in terms of words and the song was finished by 3pm. It’s more of a ‘sketch’ piece really.

Although it was written from the perspective of a Brexiteer, with a few notable exceptions, the lyrics could have resonance for either side of the argument.

Musically, I used a piano with a ready-made ‘pad/string’ sound and was going to have a double bass (played on a keyboard) but it sounded very mechanical so I opted for the Jazz bass and didn’t really bother with retakes. The song was actually finished 15 minutes earlier but as I was listening to it I started to sing the extemporised vocal that you hear at the end so I repeated the final chorus, put on some tight trousers and went for it!
7. RobW A Fair SocietyV2