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The Songwriters’ Collective’s sixth offering of 2016 is ‘Football songs/anthems’ month. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received. For my part, I apologise for missing my own deadline. I had rehashed an old melody with new lyrics but it didn’t seem (to me) to be in the self-imposed spirit of SWC. I hope I have better luck next month.

1. Stephen Clarke
Hodgson’s Choice
This is a song looking forward to inevitable disaster and taking pity on the England manager, one of the most thankless jobs in football (even if it is rather nicely paid). We usually moan about his selection or tactics, and all he can ever say is take it or leave it (which is of course Hobson's choice). 
Anyway, musically, as usual when we do these big themes like Christmas or football I've slipped into Chas n Dave Status Quo skiffle singalong mode. The chorus could almost be a football chant, if you replaced the word "world" with something fruitier.
Here's hoping I'm wrong about the results.

1. StephenC Hodgson's Choice

2. Colin Parish
This Time We Will Win
This Time We Will Win is an anthem for the ever-optimistic England football fan. It includes a chant to inspire  the team from the terraces.
Recorded in GarageBand on the iPad, I used the app's drums, bass and piano. The rest is my lovely resonator ukulele recorded with various iPad effects.
In my dreams I can imagine this echoing around Wembley Stadium.... Come on, join in: This time we will win, I'm telling you, this time we will win.

2. Colin P This Time We Will Win

3. Christian Duffin
We Can Work the Magic
I considered a song berating Roy Hogdson for leaving Ryan Shawcross out of the England squad, but in the end ditched the football idea altogether and decided to try to write a national anthem for England.
By definition it has to be a sing-along so I stripped it down to the basics, with no harmonies. The lyric is just about coming together and looking after vulnerable people to make England a more compassionate place. It's not going to win the Pullitzer Prize but at least I'm not calling on a deity to use his powers to maintain the status quo.

3. ChristianD We can work the magic

4. Phil Sanderson
I’ve taken the month off and handed over the whole songwriting and recording process to little known German band: ‘Die Müller’. Much ( if not all ) of their output has been sadly neglected over the years, although they seem completely unaware of this fact and have somehow got stuck in a Techno Time Warp Bubble.

I should have perhaps told them that including a slide guitar solo on any Techno track wasn’t a good idea.  Lead guitarist ‘Reiner Wahnsinn’ is always keen to make his mark on every song ‘Die Müller’ record.  We get on a like a house on fire.

Vocalist ‘Frank Botschafter’ did consult me over the lyrics he had written, and believe me I did my best to tone down the subject matter and some of his natural über-exhüberance.  He fails, as you will hear, to achieve a decent English accent.

Most of the composition came from the intellectual genius better known as Norbert Notfahrt.  The man is a legend in his home city, Berlin.  Days and nights spent roaming the paths and shrubberies in the ‘Lustgarten’ certainly seem to have given Norbert so many ideas, including a few musical ones.  His solo album ‘Halte deine Hände auf dich’ is a revelation, and a lesson to us all. Wunderbar!
4. PhilS Tor v 4

5. Tim & Glyn
You Only Win When You’re Singing
This is our go at an anthem - our version of the football chant (you only sing when you're winning). As usual, guitars, bass and keyboards, lots of vocal overdubs plus a few samples off the internet.
5 Tim&G You only win when you're singingV2

6. Mike Gosling
Penalty Shootout
As Rob kindly gave us some extra-time I finally got off the bench just in time for the penalty shootout.
Not sure whether I was successful with the spot-kick!

Enjoy the footie.
6. MikeG Penalty Shootout

7. Tim & Julie
Come On, England!
No amount of text could explain how I ended up with this because I’m not entirely sure, myself. It sounded different in my head.
I do need to thank the contributors who added their vocal talents. Firstly, my mum and Len. The group chorus was supplied by Julie’s siblings and assorted relatives who were available on Bank Holiday Monday, namely: Paul, Kim, Nicola, Ella, Ben, Kate, Mother-in-law and, (if she got over her reticence, I can’t tell from the recording) Vicki.
7. TimW Come On, England