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The Songwriters’ Collective’s fourth offering of 2016 is ‘Drinks’ month. Songs appear here in the order in which they were received (some of you were VERY keen!)

1. Pour Me Another One, Do
Colin Parish
I have a colleague who is a bundle of fun, the life and soul. She has a hangover four days a week. I wondered what goes on inside her head - probably not this.
There is a bit of real ukulele in there if you listen hard. The rest is iPad GarageBand trickery. Plus a bit of singing.

1 Colin P Pour me another one, do

2. Started Drinking Again
Stephen Clarke
A blues song written while in need of anaesthesia. I scribbled down the words a few years ago, and never really got beyond the strumming stage with the chords. Now I've turned the idea into what's meant to be a swampy, beery, riff-based blues. Production fans will note the addition of an electronic drummer. I call him Marvin and he can keep a no-frills (no fills) 4/4 beat which is why he got the job. He's just there to gee the guitars and voices along. These are some of the simplest lyrics I've ever written but I hope they tell a story in their own way.
2 Stephen C StartedDrinkingAgain Remix

3. Coffee (Anytime at All)
Rob Warner
For once, I started this song at the beginning of the month and allowed it to ‘brew’ over the weeks until I had what I hope will be a frothy concoction topped with a small powdering of Chocolate. This is certainly not a serious ‘drink’. I love coffee.
3. Rob W Coffee Any Time At All

4. Definitely Blank Page
Tim & Julie Warner
It was a struggle to settle on a subject so I thought I’d look up drink based quotes. I soon realise that many famous writers were also famously drunk. Many thanks to J.R.R.Tolkien, who supplied a good deal of the first verse.
4. Tim and Julie defiantly blank page

5. My Drink-Free World
Christian Duffin
I'd wanted to do a song about Lemsip or milk but the lyric just wouldn't come so I've gone for one about the consequences for a long-time drinker who has to give up booze. He's frightened about how his social life will be affected, given that all his friends drink.He's not sure if he can give up, but can see some of the benefits if he manages it.
I think someone queried recently whether I use samples for these instruments. I don't - it's all hard graft, with lots of retakes.
5. Christian D Drink world mp3

6. Lager
Phil Sanderson
This is Phil doing fairly normal.  I'll leave it to you the jury to give your own verdict. I got the inspiration (? if that's the right word..) for the lyrical concept from my 1980s college days. I lived in Germany for three ( separate ) years in the 1980s and never ceased to be amazed and dismayed by the contrast in drinking culture compared to the UK:  The Germans on the whole knew how to have a good boozy night out without it ending in a fight or plentiful vomit, whereas....
6. Phil S Lager