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The Songwriters’ Collective’s third offering of 2016 is ‘Prog/Metal’ month. An odd mix!

1. Lemmy (Lemmy Lemmy)
Stephen Clarke
This is my homage to the departed bass player of the same name, and as a tribute to his famously dissolute lifestyle, the song is a bit of a wreck. I deliberately didn't use a click track - I just recorded some bass riffs and everything else had to follow. I'm not into amphetamines, so the doses of speed may vary a little bit from time to time.
If there are any true Lemmy fans out there, sorry for the mild piss-taking. And my abject apologies for using something approaching harmony in the chorus. Harmonies are for wimps, I know, as are choruses.

1. Stephen C Lemmy (Lemmy Lemmy)

2. You Dropped the Ball, John Paul
Tim Warner
I’ve never really played ‘metal’ before so I did a bit of research. It seems there are three steps to metal heaven: step 1, tune the low E down to a D; step 2, only use you index finger on your left hand; step 3, imagine you’re a 14 year old trying to annoy your parents and set your amp accordingly.
I can safely say this is the best metal song (I’ve) ever written.

2. TimW you dropped the ball, John Paul v2

3. Heavy Metal Sirens
Colin Parish
Hi guys. I was determined to submit something this month, and here it is. It's really just four bars repeated - like a pub crawl in a small town.
It's not so much a heavy metal song as a riff in search of a groove. It's obviously not a finished song, but I like the way it has energy and seems to be going somewhere, although I'm not sure what it would end up as.

3. ColinP Heavy metal Sirens

4. Don’t Go (Stay)
Rob Warner
I started with a ‘Prog’ idea which quickly sounded terrible. I then went to ‘Metal’ (which was ‘Rock’ really) and when that went nowhere I started again with a new ‘Prog’ idea.

One has to imagine that this is the third or fourth track of a concept album that charts the journey of a young man searching for the meaning of life (and a bride) who meets many weird and wonderful people and beings along the way. In this ‘scene’ he has just escaped the clutches of the City’s evil ‘Bisors’ (armour plated beings who really should be on four legs but choose to be on two.) The City from whence he came is not New York and he’s nowhere near Broadway or the Everglades!

On the album, this track appears just after a short instrumental that would be entitled ‘Rest and Recuperation in E Minor’. It’s spring time and our hero, (called ‘Rail’) is walking by a river when he makes a discovery...

It’s short and sweet.
RobW DontGo

5. Harder to Hide from Yourself
Tim & Glyn
This was intended to be a cross between Genesis and Queens of the Stone Age but fell into the gulf between them somewhere. I'm not sure that Genesis is even compatible with the stone age really. Perhaps that would have been a good theme for the song. Still, we wrote this instead.
5. TimGlynn Harder to hide from yourself mp3

6. i skugganum (Icelandic!)
Phil Sanderson
Framsækin rokklag skrifað í 7/8. Ég vildi upptöku að hljóma eins og það var hljómsveit að spila lifandi, þannig að ég minnkað magn af gítar og hélt helstu lyklaborðið hlutum eins þykjast af einum leikmanni.
6. PhilSi skugganum v2

7. The Bastards of Love
Christian Duffin
Keeping within the metal/rock template was the challenge here - I kept drifting into pop territory and had to scrap various bits that were nowhere near manly enough. The title came first, and it's ended up as a song about neglect and an inability to love. Metal's a dark world.
7. ChristianD Bastards of Love mp3