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The Songwriters’ Collective’s final offering of 2015 offering (for voting in January is ‘Duets’ month (though my ‘auto-correct’ changed that to ‘Diets Month’ LOL, as some may say!) If I get really organised, I will try and remember to move this offering into a newly created ‘2016’ tab in the future but for reasons I won’t go into, the process is too laborious for a Sunday night.

1. Under The Austin Moonlight
Christian Duffin
I was aiming here for cross between an American folk/bluegrass song and an Irish jig. A big thanks to my friend Emily Duizend for vocals. It's about a couple in the early stages of courtship. (I can use that word because it's a traditional song). After she provides some encouragement he decides he doesn't want to hang about, and suggests they run away together. She is considering the offer.
I've never been to Austin, Texas and don't know what the moonlight is like there, but that phrase just seemed to fit somehow. You've heard of the 'shoegazer' style of rock; this is part of the 'shoehorning' genre of lyric writing.

1 Christian D Under Austin

2. Easy Living
Tim & Glyn
The lyrics are about finding a work-life balance and the balance between realists and dreamers. All instruments are keyboards apart from the bass. We intended to record the whole song with just 2 voices but got carried away!
2. TimnGlynn Easy Living MP3 V1

3. Brother from Another Mother
Tim Warner & Rob Good
I really didn’t want to do a Sonny and Cher (or Peters and Lee) thing so I though of a phrase that I’d heard before and persuaded Rob Good (henceforth referred to as Robby) to sing a duet with me and then used that as a starting point for the song.

It’s fair to say that, without Robby, I would have given up playing years ago. We have been in a few bands together with different musicians (next gig at the Bay Horse Sudbury on 16th Jan if anyone’s interested). The bonus of both being in a band is getting to spend a fair bit of time together. I’m unsure if we're musicians that are friendly or friends who are in the same band. ‘Let’s call it a bromance.’
3. TimnRobG brother from another mother

4. Falling in Love Again
Phil Sanderson
A song cataloguing the growing love between Phil and Phil.  They are supported in the recording by Phil and Phil who lovingly supply the backing vocals and rejoice in the wonderful relationship that is blossoming before their eyes.  Ahhhh...
4. Phil S Falling in Love Again Final v4