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Last One Leaving - Phil Sanderson (September/October 2015)

The songs on the album were originally meant to segue to run as a continuous piece, with a gradual decline from positive to negative feeling, to end on the title track with a long instrumental to finish ( hence the instrumental fade out.) By the time final recordings happened I had dropped a few pieces which somewhat ‘ruptured the flow’, as well as written a few extra ones which were harder to place ( eg  'All I Want' ) I then decided it was better to record each piece as a separate entity and put the songs in a better aesthetic order. At some point I will re-record the missing tracks and then weld the whole together in its original intended form.  The final piece started as an improvisation, but I kept on playing it as a sort of meditation exercise late at night after mixing some of the other tracks, so it has found its way into the collection by right.


1 All I Want v2

2 Running Out

3 Graceless pot 2

4 horizon v2

5 To Be Or Not To Be

6 Here I am

7 This Train v2

8 last One Leaving v1

9 the more things change v2

10 fall in love v2

11 Dragg