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The Songwriters’ Collective’s eleventh 2015 offering (for voting in December) is ‘Christmas’ month. It feels like only 12 months ago that we did this before!! Voting is available HERE.

1. Boxing Day Football
Tim, Julie & Kate Warner
Last December Kate and I had an evening at home between Christmas and New Year and, in our boredom, finished an abandoned song that had started life as an entry for last year’s genre task. You’ll have to ask Kate what inspired her to write these lyrics but, working for Newcastle United at the time, probably had something to do with it. Being a footballer may seem like a glamorous life, but is the money really any compensation for missing out a family Christmas, especially if you’re not one of the stars of the team? Well, yes, it probably is.
1a TimW Boxing Day football

2. Sun, Sea & Santa

Mike Gosling
Christmas will be a bit different for us this year as my daughter, Alice will be away in Australia over the festive period. So, this song is inspired by her being away. Musically, I thought I would give the song an un-Christmassy feel - so I asked Karl to play some drums and percussion with a Latin feel. No sleigh bells this time around.
Thanks to Karl for drums and suggestions on the mix/arrangement. Merry Christmas and don't forget to put sun-cream on!
1. Mike G Sun, Sea and Santa

3. Getting in the Spirit of Christmas

Stephen Clarke
I wasn't going to write a Christmas song. But then the other day, out of nowhere I started humming to myself, "getting in the spirit of Christmas", so I picked up the guitar and half an hour later, there it was, words and all. One of those rare "oh, I just wrote a song" moments. I recorded it straight away, keeping everything very simple (not that I ever do complicated).
Warning: it starts out sounding as though the lyrics were written by Bing Crosby's sentimental aunt, but fear not, they get fruitier after the first 45 seconds. 
2. Stephen C GettingInTheSpiritOfChristmas Final

Also, click
THIS LINK to see a video that has been made of Stephen’s 2014 Christmas effort ‘All I want for Christmas is some English Food’

4. I Love Christmas (And I Love You)
Rob Warner
I sat down a couple of weeks ago at the piano and started singing, ‘I Love...’ (insert different words to suit) and the melody just sort of happened from there. The only restriction I placed on myself was that I wanted it to be in ¾ time.

The Chorus was originally going to be the verse and vice-versa but, taking heed of Phil’s comments last month (I think) I made the necessary adjustments and after quite a bit of cutting and pasting ended up with this arrangement which also features a proper middle 8, another piss-poor guitar solo AND a key change. However, before you think I’ve gone all Westlife, fear not; they would, I’m sure, NEVER use this particular combination of chords (in fact, I’m not sure anyone should.) I

I DO love Christmas and I DO love my family so the lyrics came quite easily and though I’d already change some of them given the chance , I think that most of them are not too intrusive.
3. RobW I Love Christmas (And I Love You)

5. Christmas Explosion
Christian Duffin
With a title like that I should have done the song as a disco number, but that idea came to me too late. The lyric is a daft one  - it's about a deluded and unhinged bloke who works in a Christmas cracker factory writing the jokes. He gets angry about people mocking his poor jokes, so he wreaks a terrible revenge by planting extra large quantities of silver fulminates in the crackers, to bring a much bigger bang than normal. It's autobiographical.
5 ChristianD xmas explosion

6. Christmas Will Be Gone
Tim & Glyn
This is a song about being caught between consumerism and nostalgia. As Glyn was writing it, we particularly enjoyed our recollection of her mum and aunty Syb lighting the indoor fireworks and watching the room fill with smoke. The song started off as a sort of spikey punk composition and ended up as something else! 
6 TimnGlyn Christmas will be gone MP3

7. Everything Is Fine
Phil Sanderson
A quite reflective song this month. Just a few acoustic guitars, bass and one vocal line...and it's short by Sanderson are these sleeve notes....
7 PhilS Everything is Fine v3