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The Songwriters’ Collective’s tenth 2015 offering (for voting in November) was a ‘Power Ballad’ month. Mullets at the ready!!

1. Winner Not A Sinner
Stephen Clarke
This is my power ballad about a bloke who lies to his lady, but at least he's honest about it. (No, I couldn't resist the temptation to parody.) It's sort of old-school Bad Company rock. Dire Company, maybe? 
Usual basic production values, but I had a lot of fun with it - turned the bass up really loud, even got the guitar feeding back a little. I did a guitar solo, but then carried on and noodled for ages. Had to fade out to save the world from noodle overdose. Spot the Monkees joke.
1 StephenC WinnerNotASinner

2. Starlight
Mike Gosling
Karl's back in the drum seat for this one. Originally two different ideas - "I fell for the starlight" and "Dream on". I ended up using both ideas for the coda/finale.
"Dream on" was a phrase my Dad would use - although in a more dismissive way - I'm using it in a positive sense.
2 MikeG Starlight

3. Call On Me
Phil Sanderson
Thought I would try something a lot more 'rocky' this month -  so out went the acoustic guitars, piano...and in came electric guitars and an attempt at singing in a lower register for the verses ( Colin S's suggestion from a while back ). I also drafted in the services of a Cathedral choir for the choruses.  Song comes complete with ( I hope ) singalong chorus, inevitable key change and a more traditional song structure than usual.
3 PhilS Call on Me

4. I Believe God Made Me
Tim & Julie Warner
Lyrics were inspired by something Ricky Gervais said. For the song I took inspiration from the videos that normally accompany these things, so, think of spooky old churches, walks in the woods at dusk, and guitar solos filmed from a helicopter and played on top of a mountain.
4 TimW I belive God made me

5. The Last Time That We Spoke
Christian Duffin
I've decided to come out from behind the mask,and I've also got rid of the Custardettes' drummer  - he'd had enough warnings. I've been giving him some tough love lately but it didn't really work. 
I had two songs this time, and the one I decided not to use fitted the description of 'power ballad' better than this one, in that it had a quiet verse followed by a huge drum roll and noisy chorus. I like this one better, though. It is a ballad, but I'm hoping that the words will be able to deliver a bit of power in the absence of any musical crescendos. I'm going to break my habit of giving away the theme  - it's probably fairly obvious this time.

5 ChristianD Last Time final mp3

6. Halloween Night
Rob Warner
Before 4pm on Halloween Afternoon, there was no ‘Halloween Night’, so I am more than delighted to have something to put in this month.

I based the song (in my mind, anyway!) on the best Power Balladeers out there (or at least the ones I enjoy singing along to) Michael Bolton, Curtis Stigers and Bryan Adams.

Obligatory moment?
Key Change (check)
Improvised Vocal at the end (check)
Guitar Solo (check)
Quiet Verse into Big-drummed Chorus (check)
BIG Chorus (erm...)

It was bound to be about relationships (aren’t all ballads?) and I remembered something that Glyn (or it could have been Tim) said to me decades ago about comparing a relationship to a new item of clothing and how, when it’s brand new we nurture it and make sure it’s carefully folded away or hung in a wardrobe. Then, if it suffers a tear or stain, we do our utmost to repair it because we love the item so much and yet it’s never quite the same. I can’t really remember what the ‘punchline’ was (it was either, ‘so we end up discarding it’ or ‘we put up with it despite its faults’) so I went with the latter for the purposes of my song. The bit that’s meaningless is the ‘Halloween Night’ but I’d committed to it before I realised it was meaningless and I’d recorded the vocal and didn’t want to do it again!
6 RobW Halloween Night

7. Can You Make It Right?
Tim & Glyn
Did you know that if you try to save a file with a question mark, your computer sits and does nothing (but appears that it is thinking about it)? I spent a very long time wondering why the computer froze when I was trying to mix the song down and it was all in the punctuation, when I was thinking that there just might be too many tracks or too little production understanding or poor musical taste (or something). 

A big thank you to our son Simon, whose guitar contribution will be obvious when you've got used to my normal ham-fisted attempts at solos.
7 TandGCan You Make it Right