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The Songwriters’ Collective’s ninth 2015 offering (for voting in October) was a ‘Passage of Time’ month.

1. Waking Up In The Morning
Stephen Clarke
This isn't entirely new. I had a sort of sketch that I wrote partly as a joke about the old "woke up this morning" blues cliché. Anyway, I've expanded it into a full song. It's still a blues, but with an upbeat message. My take is that waking up itself is a pretty good thing. Especially if there's someone next to you – that you're glad to see, of course. I hope that someone notices how each line in the first verse mirrors the second. Well, it's kind of inevitable now.
Someone flatteringly asked about my vocal sound - it's just me leaning towards my laptop and singing. Not that clear, though, because you get a bit of hiss. There are a couple of places here where the rhythm guitar overloads, but it seems to do that even if I turn the recording level down, so I've left it. Drumming is the usual - me with a hi hat and snare. The rest is all Telecaster and EB3, which Andy Fraser always used so well to fill the gaps. 

1. Stephen C WakingUpInTheMorning

2. With You I Feel Alive
Eddie Custard & The Free TV Licences
This is about someone who realises he's in love for the first time  - aged 72. His new partner has energised him.
I got the idea from something I once read about the novelist Doris Lessing; that she thought she hadn't truly been in love with anybody until her 60s.
2. Eddie C With You I Feel Alive mp3

3. 10 Minutes, Two Cars
Tim & Julie
Really struggled with any lyrical ideas for this until Kate (daughter) came up with a regular predicament she faced. It's been twisted about quite a bit and no names have been mentioned to protect the guilty. Once I had the lyric idea, it turned into a different song than the one I intended so, I tagged the song I tried to write as a coda (don’t worry, it will make sense when you hear it).
3. Tim and J 10 minutes, two cars

4. Swing Of The Pendulum
Mike Gosling
I have rather a lot of songs about Time in the songbook (and even more unfinished songs with a Time theme), so instead of embarking on another song about time I decided to re-record a song I wrote a few years ago with time as a central theme. It also has another of my lyrical obsessions (the sea) in there. This song was written shortly after attending my friend's father's funeral at the crematorium near Watford. Some years later I was back at the crematorium in more tragic circumstances. Another friend's son had just taken his own life (he was only 21). So although this song wasn't written about him, I always associate this song with him. To be honest, I found this song rather hard to record as the memory of that time came flooding back. 
This one is for Matt. May you rest in peace
4. Mike G Swing Of The Pendulum

5. Last One Leaving
Phil Sanderson
... a patient / prisoner detained in a clinic..... sedated ..... clings on to vivid memories....  ( not autobiographical!.. nor prophetic I hope... )
5. Phil S last One Leaving v1

6. 3 O’Clock in the Morning
Tim & Glyn
3 O'Clock in the Morning
We started the song before going on holiday for 2 weeks. We took a version (just one verse and chorus) with us (without vocals) but unfortunately saved it to the wrong format, so couldn't listen to it while we were away and had to write and record all the rest of it today. Most parts are single-take as a result, so please excuse some wobbly moments!
The song is about the lunar cycle. While we were on away, there was an eclipse at 3am in the morning and then the following night we watched a very red moon rise over the sea and that inspired the lyrics.
6. Tim and Glyn 3 O'Clock in the Morning MP3