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The Songwriters’ Collective’s seventh 2015 offering (for voting in August) was an ‘Instrumental’ month. This is our lowest turnout for many months which I think we can put down to summer apathy/holidays. So put these on your Walkman and let the lazy, summer days pass by in a haze of instrumental mellowness.

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1. Guitar Duet
Tim & Julie
I’ve gone back to my roots this month. The first time I remember playing (what I thought was) proper music was when my older brother and I started playing classical guitar duets. This is a brief homage to those happy times.

I wrote it all down before playing it so it wasn’t as easy to play as it perhaps could have been, also, I’m a bit rusty on classical which possibly didn’t help so, I’ll pretend I was going for a ‘live’ sounding performance.
1 Tim and J guitar duet 1

2. Instrumental
Stephen Clarke
A year ago I found that I couldn't bend my left index finger, a pretty important digit if you want to play the guitar. At first it was diagnosed as arthritis and I thought it would never bend again. I was, as you can imagine, mightily peed off. This is why most of the songs I've written for the past year have used bar chords or chords that don't need the index finger. 
I've been having treatment and it now bends again, albeit less than before. C major and A minor are a bit painful, but D major is attainable.   
So for the instrumental, I sat down and started noodling in D on my acoustic. This is the result. I've taken my minimal production style to its limits. The only guitar you can hear is my acoustic, with zero effects. (There's also some bass and an occasional hi-hat). Anyway it's just me and my fingers. To record the acoustic, I've had to turn the mic volume right up, so you can hear me trying to sit still and shut up in the quiet bits. Sorry about the hiss and the breathing noises. 
What it's about is the joy of being able to sit down and make melodic sounds just with a lump of wood, some lengths of wire and your hands.

2 Stephen C InstrumentalFinal

3. Piano Solo
Colin Steward
This is a piano solo.  It has no title as it was not written about anything in particular.
I had been working on a little light jazzy thing but felt it was a bit too twee and so in this last week I worked on this offering.
It’s fairly warts and all as it is pretty much a recording as played as a single performance.

3. Colin S Piano solo

4. The Day I Knew I Loved You
Eddie Custard and the Flat Earth Society
I could have called it just about anything, but this title seemed to fit somehow. It's driven by piano, with a few other things coming and going. 
4. Eddie C Day I Knew mp3

5. The Golden Hour
Mike Gosling & Karl Thomas
Karl and I have been working on a side project (called Desert Marine Society) where we have written a number of songs from a drums and percussion backing track which Karl has created. For the July instrumental task we decided we would try and create an instrumental from one of these rhythm tracks. So, here is The Golden Hour created from Karl's drum and percussion tracks with other instruments courtesy yours truly. As you will hear, the angst from the previous month's entries has dissipated and I'm enjoying a summer break ... well between thundery showers and some chilly winds. Enjoy your summer!
5 Mike G The Golden Hour

6. Leggja Niður
Phil Sanderson
Answers on a postcard for anyone who can work out where title comes from, and as a bonus tiebreaker- which instrument, played 'how' did not make it to final mix! 
6 Phil SLeggja Niður v7

7. ∑xPriMnt
Tim & Glyn
The message on my (Windows) computer reads "contact the computer manufacturer to determine if you need to repair or replace the hard disk."
Now I'm no expert but doesn't sound good to me! Many thanks to Simon who helped rescue the song and save it as an MP3. Unfortunately I didn't have time to do anything with it. Obviously it would have been sublime if I could have done but you'll have to make do with this.....Anyway, as the title indicates, this was an experiment (sorry) with the basic idea that I wanted to take a full instrumental and then scatter the parts sort of randomly around and then bring them all in together for the main body of the piece. I was in the middle of the randomising element when the computer stopped working. So this is sort of work in progress. Most of the parts are guitar apart from the obvious synth at the beginning. Glyn played hand drums which I didn't really get the hang of recording. Excuses over.......
7 Tim and Glyn ∑xPëriMęnt - Tim Glyn Instrumental