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The Songwriters’ Collective’s fifth 2015 offering (for voting in June) is a title month - ‘The Year of...’.

1. Years of Days
Patrick Duffin
Here's my Year of…. contribution. Hope it doesn't contravene regulations. I've attempted a pared down feel this month. Hopefully you really get the sound of my garage coming through.
1. P Duffin Years of Days fin

2. The Year of Treatment (Psychopath Finishing School)
Tim & Julie Warner
I really struggled with getting something to fit the title with a proper chorus. Instead, I’ve taken the ‘Virginia Plain’ route and patched it into the lyrics and dispensed with a conventional chorus.

This idea comes from another book I read at the suggestion of my daughter, Kate, called ‘the psychopath test' by Jon Ronson. I was also thinking about how I enjoyed (and my parents hated) hearing songs that were supposed to be a corrupting influence (Lou Reed and Alice Cooper were prime examples of this in the early 70s).

Thanks also to Joe Warner who put most of the bass on this and completely changed (and vastly improved) the feel of what I had up to then. The boy’s a diamond.

2. T and Julie The Year of Treatment (psychopath finishing school)

3. A Year of Pain
Colin Parish
I wrote words to this song and struggled to find any sort of music that went with them - lyrics then music, that's how I do it.

But then the music sort of just arrived in my head and on to the iPad so I discarded the lyrics and went with this nonsense.

As you will hear it's a song that's very personal but I hope it has some appeal outside of my warped mind.

It could be Dada-ist, absurdist, surrealist or just plain rubbisht. I have no idea.

3. Colin P A year of pain

4. A Year in the Red
Stephen Clarke
A song to scare anyone who's kids are thinking of doing a gap year. Luckily only the sleepy chorus is about my son's adventures.
Production-wise, it's a pint of the usual: rhythm guitar, Slobonian lead guitar fills, bass, vocals, with me bashing a snare drum and hi-hat, all in the same room as a laptop with Garageband. 

4. Stephen C AYearInTheRed

5. This is the year
Mike Gosling
Last Sunday morning my neighbours (with whom I do get on!) were rudely awakened to the almighty sound of
Karl recording the drums for this song. I hope I've captured a bit of the energy generated that morning. The full title
of the song is "This Is The Year (of Growing Up and Moving On)" and attempts to be both a celebration and a venting of
frustration. It could equally well have been called "Five More Years (of a Tory Government)". Please turn up the volume and
join in on air drums.

Thanks to Karl for the drumming (and to the neighbours for wearing their earplugs)

5. Mike G This Is The Year

6. The Year of Silent Revolution
Phil Sanderson
Phil's gone serious this month!  Europhil and frivolity have gone out of the window ( and sent packing - back to Marseilles)
I didn't set out to produce something so 'different' this month, although I did want to compose a piece with definite variation in dynamics and mood.  It's quite a 'serious message' song, but hopefully quite uplifting with the positive final stanza and use of ( many ) acoustic guitars and 'airy' synth towards the end.

6. Phil S The Year of Silent Revolution v5

7. A Year of Bird
Eddie Custard
This one's about a bloke who's been given a year's prison sentence and is reading an internet guide on dos and don'ts. He comes to realise it's a bit more frightening than he first imagined. The details in this guide are authentic, and from one I read on the internet for the purposes of research.
You probably know that 'doing bird' is cockney rhyming slang relating to doing time in prison, but I hadn't known where it came from. Apparently, the starting point is the word 'bird lime', which is a glue used to trap birds. The rhyming slang sequence is; doing time, doing bird lime, doing bird.
7. Eddie C A Year of Bird mp3

8. The Year of Now
The Rob Good Band
This started as a couple of chords to practice changing scales while in full flow (C and Fm, if you're interested). Over the course of a couple of evenings, while we drank quite a bit of tea, it developed into this.
8. Rob G Band the year of now

9. The Year of Soul Possession
Tim & Glyn
Although the words 'The Year of' never appear in the lyrics, this is very definitely a song about the last year. This is probably the most personal song we've written. The last year has been dominated by the disintegration of a very close friendship we've had for many years and we're hoping writing and submitting this song will prove to be a cathartic experience! 
9. Tim and G The Year of Soul Possession

10. The Year of Feeling Sorry
Rob W
One word - ‘Short’. A bit like these sleeve-notes.
10. Rob W A year of feeling sorry