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The Songwriters’ Collective’s first 2015 offering (for voting in February) is ‘Love’ month. To coincide with Valentine’s Day, voting will close on at 23.59 on February 14th (though I now know that there’s an option to extend voting if no one ‘shows up’.

1. Under Your Spell
The Robbie Good Band
We started off my emailing each other and settled on this set of chords. We got together and mashed it about a bit until Rob was happy to add some vocals. A splendid time was had by all!
1 Under your spell

2. Valentine's

Colin Parish
I took your instructions to write a Valentine's song quite literally. It's a call to lonely people to get off their computers and phones and go and meet some real people on Valentine's day. Not sure if it's a patronising dirge or not.... It's a kind of 'found' song because I started with the chords in the order they appeared on the iPad GarageBand app: Em Am Dm G C F Bb Bb. That sounded okay as a chord progression but it was really tough finding a suitable melody to go over the top (as you can hear).
2 Colin P Valentine's

3. Put it There My Son (genes and instinct)

Colin Parish
This is one of those songs where the words just came to me and all I had to do was write them down. It's a very personal message to my 16 year-old son James about how much I love him. It's a bit mawkish and embarrassing but I thought I'd share it this month in case multiple entries get banned. Four simple chords and a bit of noodling on the iPad
3. Colin P Put it There My Son (genes and instinct)

4. It Won’t Be Long
Mike Gosling
A first outing for my Christmas present - a ukulele. I've learnt my usual total of four or five chords - just enough for this song.

Thanks to Karl for drumming duties - once again Karl had to work with a very sketchy idea (I had the chords and a bit of melody but no lyrics when we recorded the drums).
4. Mike G It_Won't_Be_Long

5. Valentine Moon
Colin Steward
An old fashioned song for Valentines.  My very grateful thanks to Rob Good for vocals.
This song is, of course, dedicated to my wife Sharon.
5. Colin S NEW Valentine Moon

6. Our Love is a Moveable Feast
Eddie Custard
I wanted to write an upbeat song here about the early, heady days of a romance - when everything you do and see together seems exciting and unpredictable. It's ended up being a bit of a love letter to London as well.6. Eddie C Movfeast_MP3

7. (Don’t Forget My) Valentine
Patrick Duffin
A morality tale where, for instance, it's no good being able to remember the year of the Watts riots if you can't remember your loved one's valentine card.
7. Patrick D (Don't Forget My)Valentine

8. Love on the Doorstep
Tim & Julie Warner
I've been thinking about the stuff I've done before and I think it could have a bit more of a groove, so I've tried to make a song were you could ignore the words and still enjoy it. The process was complicate by a dodgy guitar interface which had to go back so I had to patch together what I could from some noodling around.

The song is about asking Julie out for the first time and our differing views on what happened. It's more or less true.

8. Tim & Julie Love on the doorstep

9. I Got a Crush On You
Stephen Clarke
I thought it'd be fun to do a sot of Jilted John song about a bloke who's too shy and hopeless to send a Valentine's card.
I was aiming for a jangly Buzzcocks guitar sound. I didn't attempt the Bolton accent. As usual, I wish I had a bloody drummer.
9. Stephen Clarke I'veGotaCrush2

10. As Long As I Live
Phil Sanderson
IT'S LESS THAN 3 MINUTES LONG!  ( In case listeners were contemplating getting out the ironing board before pressing 'play'!!)  By the by, the final version of this song also contains no 12 string guitar or piano!
A combination of finding lyrics difficult to write ( as usual ) and an overlong song led me to cutting out a few sections of this piece  including the main chorus!  Strangely though, I feel  as if the another part of the song has stepped up to become the new chorus.  The main lyric idea comes from a memory of an African poem I sort of used back in 1991.  My old musician partner and I both used to struggle with lyrics, so we used the Pengiun Book of Modern African Verse on a regular basis! 
I used a classical guitar this time, with synth parts added ( Bass, String, Accordion - this last instrument as an attempt to inject a little French romanticism into song.)
10 Phil S as long as I live v4

11. Valentine
Tim & Glyn
Thought we'd keep it simple this month. Glyn's always been a sucker for soft songs, so this sort of developed as we were messing around. No effects on any of the acoustic guitar parts and only a little reverb on the vocals (but made up for it on the electric guitar bits). As usual, instruments and music by Tim, lyrics and vocal parts by Glyn.
11. Tim & Glyn Valentine

12. Monkey See, Monkey Do
Tim & Julie Warner
I was thinking of using this subject matter for the symphony and, having had the idea it just wouldn’t die (until I killed it off with this song). It’s about Harlow’s experiments on love (psychologists, at the time, would normally have called it ‘attachment’ but Harlow was a great publicist and insisted on calling it ‘love'). This is not romantic love but the love between mother and baby and the effect it has throughout the life of the baby. Obviously, even back in the 60s (i think it was the 60s) they could not do the experiments on babies so he got monkeys (he wanted rats).

I had some technical problems so parts of the recording sounds a bit odd. Given the subject matter, it possibly helps
12 Tim & Julie Monkey see, monkey do