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So here it is. August 2014’s ‘Drum Track’ jukebox! (Thank you to Karl.) Voting and comments via the forum

These are in the order in which they arrived in my inbox.

1. Woman in Black

Rob G, Col & Tim
1 Woman in black

We did a joint song challenging ourselves to see how far we could get from what we imagined Karl's initial intention to be. The drums have remained untouched, we've just muddled the order a bit and added some (occasionally very long) stops.

2. 3 Little Pigs had a sister
Tim & Julie

2 3 little pigs had a sister

Scared of editing the drums, I decided to use them as they were (just be grateful Karl didn't supply us with 10 minutes of drums). Julie did very little to this and asked to be removed from the credits (she must really hate it) but Kate helped a bit when she was home. It started off as one thing and morphed into something else. It's scary how easily I lost control.

3. Waiting4aDrummer
Stephen Clarke

3 Waiting4aDrummer

I’ve leapt ahead in time this month - 1975 at least. It's more or less a straight three-chorder. Guitar, bass, vocals, with a sort of John Mayall riff. 
Fun, I thought, structuring a song around a beat. Was it just me or was the drum track cunningly conceived so it fits perfectly as intro/verse/chorus/repeat/bridge/outro? In any case, thanks, Karl, it made putting a song together feel easy.
I've done something that follows the drum track as is, A-Z chronologically, except I've cut off the opening few bars and the very last beat. In retrospect I don't think the bass drum quite fits the song, or vice versa. There was something about it I couldn't get into. Too funky for this old rocker perhaps. 
Anyway I hope people enjoy the ride back to 1975, when Wimpy Bars were cool, footballers smoked, and riffs ruled the world.

4. Killing Time

Colin Steward

4 Killing Time(2)

Thanks Karl for providing the drum track.  I haven’t cut or pasted it around, I just went with it as is.
Thanks to Robbie Good for his usual vocal work for me.
Lastly thanks to Steve Jobs! (You’ll see).

5. Kingdom Come
Mike Gosling

5 Kingdom Come

Karl's rhythm suggested a Bo Diddley feel to me, so I got the old box guitar out and wrote this song. Probably needs a hand jive dance routine to be a real crowd pleaser!

Many thanks to Karl for adding some extra percussion and for suggesting some changes to the initial arrangement and mix.

6. In the Meantime
Tim & Glyn

6 In the Meantime

I really loved Karl's drum track - well played, recorded and great to play along to. Thanks very much Karl. Can we vote for Karl this month?

We decided to leave the drum track completely untouched and write the song around it with no editing. Neither of us wanted to do a completely conventional song structure (though it still ended up fairly straight). Conventional instrumentation - guitar through analogue delay + miked up amp, bass guitar and keyboards.

No Simon this month on production duties so spent ages trying to mix down and convert to MP3. Still not sure if I did it properly. Hope you enjoy listening as much as we did recording it.

7. Nothing is a waste of time
Patrick Duffin
7 Nothing is a waste of time

My father once said, "nothing you do in life is ever a waste of time". He obviously hadn't spent much time on the M25

8. Aunt Olivia
Eddie Custard
Aunt Olivia

In the 70s a terrible family secret was revealed - my aunt had joined the nudists. It came to light when my grandma was watching a regional news item about a nudist colony and spotted her daughter being interviewed. As a modern day equivalent it'd be a bit like finding out that one of your kids had joined the Taliban.

9. Turn, turn, turn

Phil Sanderson & Rob Warner
Turn, turn, turn FINAL

Rob’s notes.
I always knew that August would be tricky for me given that the kids were on holiday; we were on holiday and I’m also trying to get organised to move house in September. So I quickly attached myself, limpet-like, to Phil and asked him if he wanted a singer for his song. This quickly developed into Phil sending me a backing track to which I added a vocal line and lyrics. So what you hear is very much a collaboration.

Phil’s notes
I really enjoyed working with the drumtrack.  I've never been totally happy ( or capable !"!) with drumloops unless used in dance music, so I found that having the real drums as a starting point lifted a huge dark cloud a million miles away from the project... then as a brilliant bonus Rob has written and recorded a fantastic vocal to my backing track.  There are quite a few guitar parts on the song, all played on my electro acoustic 6 string, including the bass line.  The only other addition is the piano.