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So here it is. July 2014’s ‘4 Chord’ jukebox! Voting and comments via the forum

These are in the order in which they arrived in my inbox.

1.Stephen Clarke. Gotta Head On
Here is my 4 chord song. 
I opted for G A Bm D (though not necessarily in that order). I was going to write something in Eb, Bb, F and G# but I couldn't open the piano lid.
I had high ambitions for this one. I wanted it to be a sort of moody rock, starting out with a rich, overloaded, string-bending guitar intro. 
Then somehow I buggered my left index finger so I can't bend it. I can only play bar chords, and two-fingered plinky-plonk bass. So I made it a vocal "doobie doo" intro, and speeded it up to compensate for the loss in rockiness. All this has changed the nature of the beast somewhat. 
I guarantee when you hear the intro you'll laugh and think "Eurovision 1972" or "Save All Your Kisses for Me". But please give it a go. It's actually quite a serious song about only having four chords and three fingers to play with, and similar frustrations. With, I hope, a singalong chorus. OK, dammit, yes it is Eurovision 1972, but what the hell - my motto has always been Beg Steal or Borrow, especially when songwriting.

2. Colin Steward. Back in Time
Back In Time
Firstly, my thanks to Denise Steward (sister-in-law) for providing vocals this time. I felt that this particular song really needed a female voice.
I’ve moved away from GarageBand and opted for Studio One on PC.  All a bit new so this was a good exercise in getting to know the program etc.
I had a lot of fun with this one.  There are no keyboards apart from some drum sounds and a bass, the rest is acoustic guitar, ukulele and electric guitar.  The brushes near the start are literally brushes.  It’s the Korg Wavedrum played with paint brushes, so if anyone asks what type of brushes I used I can really say Harris No 2.

3. Eddie Custard. We Were Lovers
This is about the uncertainty that emerges if there is a chance to restart a relationship that ended a long time ago. Had it failed in the first place because the two of you weren't compatible or because of circumstance? You won't find the answer here.

4. Phil Sanderson. Beneath the Waves
Phil Sanderson_ ...Beneath the Waves...
Instrumentation:12 string and 6 string acoustic guitar, real piano, keyboard bass and programming / loops done on older software and imported.
The song was written for classical guitar, vocal, piano and 'real' percussion...but it mutated about 10 days ago when I was working on another project,and my distraction became the version here...


5. Mike Gosling. Under Your Sky
Summer is well and truly with us and here's my go at a summer anthem (to be played on the Pyramid stage
at Glastonbury!). The "restriction" of only using 4 chords didn't really come into play for me - I rarely need more
than 4 chords - usually 3 chords is enough - hence my fondness for country music!

6. Robbie Good. Call My Name
Call my name
Colin, Tim and I made this demo of the song one evening on garageband to show the Spiderz band. The idea was to do
A full live recording again. The live mix came out badly and we didn't have time to do it again so it's this demo or nothing.

7. Tim & Julie Warner. Is that it?
Is that it?

I had these four chords in mind for ages though I'm not sure why. Once I got the chords I found it hard to deviate from playing the same pattern over and over again. Although they are heavily decorated, and I don't strum the chords ever, the chords are Dm Bb E and A. There are 4ths and 9ths all over the place just as passing notes, the only really extra chord is the BbMaj7 as a way of missing out the E (you'll see what I mean).

This is the first song to create some really heated (well, warmer than usual) debate while putting it together. See if you can guess which bits we argued over.

8. Patrick Duffin. The Machine of 87
The Machine of 87
Perhaps to be featured in a song cycle about diminutive sporting legends, the song concerns a south american footballer, still at the top of his game. The fact that he has broken so many records is all the more remarkable for having been diagnosed growth hormone deficiency at the age of 11. My four chords are - D5, Cmaj9, G6/9 and A+9. Sticking to four chords was hard for me as I have a pathological need to overcomplicate everything.

9. Rob Warner. NEW VERSION What Are You Waiting For2?
What are you waiting for2?
I know it’s not on really, but here is a revised version of my July song. Chords used C# (and C#M7 and C#7, all one chord as per the rules, m’lud) F#, G# and A (I also used this as a ‘connector’ and added a sharpened fifth into the Chorus, so I think that would be A+5??) Anyway, I met Patrick on July 31st and I hadn’t started my song! So I consider it a minor miracle that I have anything on the board. This is rough and short. I wasn’t going to submit but I had started it and then went for a run and couldn’t stop singing the chorus so I hoped that it may be an ‘ear worm.’ I had absolutely no idea what to do regarding the arrangement so I went for obscure orchestral sounds and programmed the orchestral drums as though Steve Gadd was a dep for the London Philharmonic! I will probably go back and listen and then do another version so I’ll keep uploading updates over the next few days. In other words, if this version is unlistenable, chances are that if you come back and listen again it may be better! I have realised that I have big problems with lyrics particularly so I will try and find a solution over the coming months (i.e. I’m looking forward to ‘instrumental’ month!)