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Dear All

Unbelievably, one of our number has already uploaded a song!!! I was loathe to upload but it was his wish that I did, so here it is. Please comment on the forum under the newly created ‘
May 2014’s Songs’ thread.

1. Retro Modernist Shrouded Life - Tim & Julie Warner

Retro modernist shrouded life Tim W

Sleeve notes
I've tried to heed some if comments from last time and put the voice up and dispensed with disguising my voice, although I've ignored the comments about liking those effects. Last month I particularly liked the sounds of the guitars by Patrick and Mike, so I've tried to give the guitar sound more 'personality'. I play in a 5 piece band and that what this arrangement fits, even if the keyboards are more simple than Colin would want to play.

I struggled to come up with a way of getting the lyrics to fit so I started with a 'feel' that I could fit the words over (I wanted to be pretty faithful to the lyrics).I was worried that everyone will do this (and I would lose my nerve) so I've posted early.

Interested to see what everyone else comes up with.

Tim and Julie

2. Plato’s Cave - Mike Gosling


Sleeve notes
On MacDougal Street in Soho two coffee houses sit side by side. The Cafe Wha? was the venue for Bob Dylan's first New York gig and next door at The Gaslight he read some of his early poems. David's lyric feels like a latter-day protest song and and so, as I sit down on International Workers’ Day, to compose a tune, the spirit of the early sixties seems appropriate. This protest song comes from a time before we all went electric and life got a lot more complicated.

My thanks to Karl Thomas who listened through the earlier mixes of this track and made some very useful suggestions.

3. American Dream - Rob Warner

American Dream v2

Sleeve Notes
I ‘cooked’ this song for quite a while. In fact I had three beginnings of an idea and amalgamated two of them. As ever, I agonised over the instrumentation and tried to listen to it objectively. I also tried to ‘pigeon-hole’ the sound to help me to ‘see the way’ with the arrangement but I can honestly say I have not heard a song similar to this before (I’m sure those with a deeper knowledge of music will put me right!) I have also come to the conclusion that even though I DO agonise over the arrangement, I also get bored very easily and just want to get it over with, hence no backing vocals and only piano, drums and bass as backing (with some strings at the chorus.)

From the first reading, I was dreading using the lyrics but once I was under way, they were great. Though if this ever became a hit, I’d ask David to re-write the first two lines. Having said that, my heartfelt thanks go to him for supplying us with a set of lyrics (the first three song-versions of which all have a different title!)

Also, for those eagle-eyed members who spot that my .mp3 file says 5’07” (breaking the 5 minute rule) I say that at least 7 seconds is taken up with silence at the start and a further 5 seconds is reverb (reversed or otherwise.)

4. Flood - Colin Steward


Sleeve Notes
After some hours (ok, days then) of piecing this song together using MIDI and two keyboards I found there were some weighty issues with converting midi to audio and almost gave up.  But, instead of “I’ll get me coat”, I decided “I’ll get me garageband” instead.  So what I’ve presented is a hurried together recording (take 2, if you will) of what I originally did on my keyboards.
This was tough, the lyrics were pretty tricky to fit in and not being a singer by any stretch of the imagination, made it all the harder.
I have to thank Rob Good for his vocals and also some acoustic guitar and for recording this in one evening having never heard it before

5. Retro Modernist Shrouded Life - Phil Sanderson

Phil Sanderson - Retro_Modernist Shrouded Life

Sleeve Notes
No drums, no programming, no electric guitar.... all replaced with acoustic piano, recorder and clarinet! I wrote the piece quite quickly at beginning of month and went through a LOT of trial versions, almost ending up with piano, 'ambient' guitar and voice.  Last night I re-recorded the woodwind parts and then put the background string and bass back in, so here it is... I know the vocal could have been recorded better, and there are some tuning issues - I found that to fit the vocal / words in with the piano I had to record the vocal and piano together 'live'. The 'outro' section was, for a few weeks, the middle section with a guitar solo... 

6. Patrick Poem - Patrick Duffin

Patrick Poem

7. Shrouded Life - Tim & Glyn

Shrouded Life

Sleeve Notes
We found this very challenging. I tried to make sure that the music would allow the lyrics' phrasing to fit but we struggled with the verses in particular and so felt we had to tamper with the wording (sorry David). 

Sung played and recorded by Tim & Glyn - son Simon again helped with final mixing.