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The design of graphics for television can make a huge difference to the way a programme is perceived. Good use of graphics can really lift a fairly ordinary documentary or current affairs programme and slick design can make the most impenetrable of subject matter both understandable and enjoyable.

I can help you to achieve these goals because of my experience as a documentary and current affairs editor and because I’m a sole operator I can work things up very quickly for those all-important early viewings and fast turnarounds.

I am happy to work closely with directors and producers but I’m equally content to work independently.

Recent work includes editing for Heaven 17 and also producing the artwork and DVD design for a soon to be released DVD. I’m working with both ITV and the BBC for their current affairs’ programmes and I’ve also recently completed work with The Bureau of Investigative Journalism for their ‘Wiki Leaks’ programme on Channel 4 about the war in Iraq.

About Me

Having wasted the first nine years of my working life working as a clerk (Sealink/Stena Line) I became a professional musician in the early 1990s.

My wife and I moved to Liverpool late in 1995 when she landed a role as a producer on ITVs 'This Morning' programme. I managed to worm my way into work as a secretary for Granada in Manchester and through pure luck got myself trained as an Avid editor.

We returned to London in the summer of 1996 and I began cutting my professional teeth with Granada Sky Broadcasting - a satellite channel showing old re-runs of famous Granada programmes.

In 1999 I made a massive leap forward in my editing career when I joined the soon to be launched 'Tonight With Trevor McDonald' show (ITV's replacement for 'World in Action.')

My daughter was born in April 2000 and I left the 'Tonight' show in 2001 to pursue other (less stressful) editing work including 'Better Homes' for ITV. I took a year out in 2002 to look after her full-time (but managed to edit another series of 'Better Homes' and two documentaries for Granada from home) finally returning to work at the end of 2002 when my wife fell pregnant with our son.

In 2003, our son was born and I continued with freelance editing work.

However, at the beginning of 2004 I started to create graphics on my all-singing-all-dancing laptop and very soon it became part of the package.

I continued to work more as an editor than a graphics person but in late 2006, my wife landed an important job for C4 and so the roles were reversed again and I had the opportunity to be the primary carer for my children as well as being able to develop my graphics' skills.

I’ve been producing work for ITV, C4 and the BBC. Latterly my work has branched out in a new direction; providing the voice-over for the ‘Jade’ documentaries on Living TV as well as Royal documentaries for Five. I’m also editing on very specific projects and I'm in the process of building an edit facility in my home.